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Artworks and narrative by ROMAN, CONSTANTIN, MARC and CHARLES CHATOV
Written and designed by MICHELLE MORTON
Introduction by ALBERT HANDELL

          In the annals of art, there exists family lineages of exceptional painters for whom art appears to be a birthright. The Chatovs are one such family. This visually stunning volume begins its story of the Chatov legacy in art with two talented bothers—Roman and Constantin Chatov—both of whom pursued their respective ambitions in art and music in prestigious Russian academies during the latter years of Imperial Russia. Narrowly escaping the horrors of the communist takeover and the Russian civil war, the Chatovs risked their lives to flee Russia in 1922, after which they landed in America. Though the brothers spoke little English, their fluency in the universal language of art granted them entry into the high culture of New York City’s ballet, theater and fine art circles.
          Roman later married and had a son, Marc Chatov, who followed his heart and hand to become a master of portrait and fine art painting. Additionally, Marc is a beloved art instructor in his family’s art atelier, the Chatov Studio, founded in Atlanta, Georgia by his father and uncle in the early 1960s. Charles Chatov, Marc’s only son, likewise inherited his family’s eye for art and love of self-expression through tattoo design.
          The biographies of these four artists are illuminated by nearly 200 paintings, drawings, and murals, in addition to personal photographs and insightful quotes from the Chatov artists and their close friends. The book’s corpus of stories and masterful artworks are the result of three generations, two continents and one century of cultural and family influences.
          CHATOV is the first volume to contrast the divergent styles and methodologies of the Chatov family of artists, while at the same time, highlighting their common bonds of fierce artistic expression, perfection of craft, romantic ideals, academic sensibilities and daring originality.
          This handsome book is only recently compiled and published, but its story has been in the making for 100 years. The Chatov painters’ personal journeys and unencumbered expressions of beauty will deepen every reader’s views about art and history. Their many decades of admirable accomplishments and important cultural contributions have woven the Chatov name, like a vibrant thread, into the intricate tapestry of American art history. 

Hardcover | 12 x 10.65 inches | 240 pp | $85.00
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Dee Beard Dean: A Painter by Providence

Foreword by CLAYTON BASS, President
and CEO, Huntsville Museum of Art

          This richly illustrated volume is the first art book to explore the remarkable life and career of acclaimed fine art painter Dee Beard Dean. Throughout its colorful pages, readers will enjoy an impressive compilation of oil paintings executed in Dee’s studio, and her many en plein air works, which she painted on site during her travels and workshop excursions around the world. This Charleston-based painter is renowned for seeking inspirational subjects to explore on canvas from a rich diversity of ancient and modern-day cultures, as well as exotic locales throughout South America, Europe and across the U.S. 
          In the first several chapters, Dean shares with readers intriguing anecdotes about her childhood in the Amish country of rural Indiana, her early adulthood raising two children in a “Robinson Crusoesque” atmosphere in Key Largo, Florida, and her fascinating career as a high fashion designer with her own national designer label. Later chapters are devoted to her full-time career as a renowned painter of breathtaking and color-laden landscapes, figures and portraits.
          With the hand of an artist and the heart of a daring world traveler, Dean brings home the beauty and emotional awe of her travels through pages filled with memorable artwork, expert brushwork and a vivid narrative of her life’s story. For those who share Dean’s passions for art, adventure and the magical beauty of light falling on form, Dee Beard Dean: A Painter by Providence is sure to make an outstanding addition to any art book collection.

Hardcover | 9.25 x 12 inches | 173 pp | $49.95
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Art, Soul & Destiny: An Artist's Journey from America to Provence

Artworks and writings by JILL STEENHUIS Introduction by MICHAEL E. SHAPIRO, Director of the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia
Copy editing and book design by MICHELLE MORTON

          In this gorgeously illustrated art book, Jill Steenhuis invites readers to share her destiny by way of her art and writings, which speak of the unspoiled and seductive beauty of Provence, and of her lifelong spiritual connection to the artistic genius of master painter Paul Cézanne. Cézanne’s beloved mountain, Mt. Ste. Victoire, overlooking his birthplace of Aix-en-Provence became a figurative birthplace for Jill Steenhuis after she traveled to France in 1980 to study art. Today, her home and studio in Aix are located near Cézanne’s historic studio (once the site of her own studio). After several decades living and painting amid this sacred site, Jill's spiritual, intellectual and artistic passions have grown to abundant fruition. T
         Through her book, this intuitive and poetic artist offers us a glimpse into her fascinating life as an American who pursued her desire for artistic achievement in a land of unparalleled beauty—Provence. She has since become a well-known artist and speaker on both continents, and has raised a family of artists and creative professionals with whom she often exhibits her works.
          The book is filled with her bold and energetic paintings of the Provence landscape—a land coveted for its perennial fields of red poppies, traditional garlic pickers, weathered chateaus and charming village scenery. Readers who pick up this book and are drawn into its lavish pages often express difficulty in putting it down!         
          Novelist and longtime friend of Jill's, Elizabeth Musser, describes her impression of Art, Soul & Destiny, saying, "To observe and contemplate Jill Steenhuis’s art (and her words, for she is not only painter, but also poet) is to accept an invitation to be inspired by the timeless beauty of nature that she captures on canvas and in her writing. Returning to the pure and simple joy of daily things—of flowers and villages and budding trees—we taste and smell and feel the truth that is life. Jill is a magnificent artist in every sense of the word. Her work touches my soul." 

Hardcover | 12 x 12 inches | 171 pp | $124.95
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Karen Hewitt Hagan: An American Impressionist  

Artworks and writings by KAREN HEWITT
Introduction and book design by MICHELLE MORTON

          Blessed with an eye for exquisite color and sunlit scenery, fine art painter and Charleston gallery owner Karen Hewitt presents readers of her first art book with 60 painterly impressions of her most beloved subjects, near and far. Whether painting en plein air on the cobbled streets of Charleston, or bringing the sun-washed islands of The Abacos and hilltops of Europe to radiant life with warm, impasto swipes of oil on canvas, Karen reveals her love of life by way of vibrant works of art.
          This collectable artist has "lived the dream" over and over—first, in her career transition from marketing executive to full-time fine art painter. Soon after, Karen sold her house to live aboard a 53-foot yacht (aptly named Plein Air) where she set up her artist studio on the aft deck. From her floating studio overlooking the shimmering waters and rustic charm of harbors and marinas from the East Coast to Bahamas, Karen painted vibrant marine landscapes for which she became widely known. Her latest bold endeavor was to merge of her studio and business skills to open one of Charleston's most exciting fine art galleries, Hagan Fine Art Gallery & Studio. 
          Like a veteran travel writer, Karen has journeyed across oceans to gain firsthand knowledge of a place or subject to better express the value and nuance of the experience through her work. With a soul inspired by wind and wave, Karen's intrepid personality infuses a refreshing boldness of texture and color into her compositions. Her artistic style can be described as a distinctive blend of confident brushstrokes and sensual hues, which together breathe life and energy into the landscapes and figures she loves to paint. Karen Hewitt Hagan: An American Impressionist has sold all copies and is now out of print. However, Karen is at work on her second art book to be published in 2015.

Softcover | 10 x 10 inches | 240 pp | $45.00
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Bella Italia: Italy Through the Eyes of an Artist

Paintings and writings by PAT FIORELLO
Foreword and book design by MICHELLE MORTON

         In this book, Atlanta-based artist Pat Fiorello invites readers on an irresistible visual journey to share in her most vibrant memories of Italy—its Old World grandeur, and its splendid views of sparkling blue lakes, vineyards and flower-strewn gardens and landscapes. The passionate love and awe this painter feels for her family's country of origin is simply contagious. Pat's paintings and narrative throughout this book celebrate the glory of Italy's classical architecture and culture, revealing its profound familial and historic influence on this talented painter. Readers will tour Italy each time they open the book and admire over 80 original oil and watercolor paintings by Pat Fiorello.
          Because of Fiorello's reverence for distinctive architecture, lush flora and dramatic light, the works of art emanating from her easel beckon viewers to open their eyes more fully, and to breathe in all the enchanting sights Bella Italia has to offer.

Hardcover | 10.5 x 8.5 inches | 120 pp | $35.00
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Like Moving Poems: The Watercolor Masterworks of Guan Weixing 

Paintings and narrative by GUAN WEIXING
Introduction by JACKSON MAYSHARK, Owner
Ambleside Gallery, Greensboro, NC

         If true genius could be measured or defined, the paintings of Guan Weixing might serve as a worthy standard. His figures are tangible, his palette elegant and his draughtsmanship impeccable. His artistic achievements are celebrated and admired throughout China, and increasingly so around the world.
          Guan Weixing’s alluring works not only express the look of genius, they also radiate the feel of it. The palpable sensitivity with which he paints his subjects reveals his true artistic potency. Fueling the fire of Guan Weixing’s creativity is a combustion of rare skills, enabling him to render commonplace scenes with profound visual and emotional impact. 
         This is the first book written in English to introduce American art lovers to Guan Weixing’s stunningly beautiful works of art. Born in Dunhua County, Jilin Province, China in 1940, Guan Weixing was still a freshman student in Luxun Fine Arts Academy in 1960 when  his professor, Eugen Popa, an acclaimed Romanian master oil painter, made an exception to allow young Weixing into his oil painting class. Eventually, Guan Weixing fell in love with the challenge of watercolor, and boldly strayed from China's tradition and high regard for oil painting. He took the visual impact of watercolor compositions (a medium historically relegated to field sketching) to new heights, creating museum-quality portraits, figures, flowered landscapes or village scenes that pulsate with life and color.
          Guan Weixing was selected as the only member from Asia to join the world-famous watercolor delegation of Ten Top Watercolorists led by Leslie Worth, Past President of the English Royal Watercolor Society. He has been juried into the top-tier watercolor societies in America and continues to win awards at the most prestigious international watercolor exhibitions. Guan Weixing's works can be found in museums throughout Asia and in important private collections around the world.
          Guan Weixing is also a highly influential artist and a much sought-after teacher in China. He has written numerous pictorial and how-to books on watercolor and figurative painting, several of which have been translated into English. Like Moving Poems was borne of a two-year-long correspondence between American arts writer, Michelle Morton and the artist.
          This innovative watercolorist is now one of China’s most admired and collected fine artists. Like Moving Poems is a compilation of his personal memories, artistic insights, explanations on technique and thoughtful musings. Reading his book is the next best thing to a attending his class, or taking a personal tour by the artist through his studio. 
          Western readers will find Guan Weixing's pen as lyrical and soul-stirring as his art. His narratives are imprinted with his lifelong desire to advance art as a “poetic and smooth-spoken common human language, showing the truth of human emotions, and cheerfully rousing people into excitement and movement. " Art enthusiasts will find a kindred spirit in Guan Weixing, whose captivating watercolors celebrate the riches of the earth and powerfully lead viewer’s eye toward the deeper truths of humanity. 

Hardcover | 12 x 12 inches | 132 pp | $89.00
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